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Leadership And Skills Development In South Africa


Our focus is on building up leadership skills within the youth of South Africa. We have focused on disadvantaged minorities and have, in the past 10 years, provided scholarships for over 60 university students within the commerce faculty with a focus on business management and entrepreneurship. Our holistic approach also looks at the home environment and actively takes steps to help students cope with the transition from school.

Another way that we assist is through providing opportunities for employment in the formal sector once the training is completed. To this end we have partnered with a number of organisations that particularly focus on business skills development and the promotion of Africa in the global context. We believe that providing opportunities for international business travel for our graduates is a significant contributing factor to well rounded, top performing candidates.


Citizenship And Skills Development


Our premier skills development is in the area of citizenship by investment – providing graduates with exposure to this programme. Recent activities in different nations of the globe have supported the necessity to have a stable plan B in place for your family and yourself in the instance that a crisis explodes and situations in your home nation go downhill, with no ending in sight. During times of political instability or crisis, having second citizenship within a peaceful nation and owning passport may prove to be helpful in assisting to guarantee the safety of your family.

Dual citizenship can as well provide options for global tax planning, enhanced access to healthcare and high-quality education programs for your kids. For these and several other reasons, if you are among the high net worth entrepreneur and business investor, you are able to choose to utilize citizenship investment as a venture throughout your future.